Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the komplikashion between the lines


I used to be a Rock and Roll music fan. I called it a Rock and Roll even though at the time of my involvement, it can be considered as underground music movement. You know, it was the time when Nirvana (still remember? Kurt Cobain?) Hit the Billboard. But, instead using it as an underground statement, I much prefer to categorize it as Rock and Roll. It is because the root of all the noisy sound of music is the Rock and Roll; Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Neil Young is their godfathers. While during my involvement into these so-called underground scene, a friend of mine, once said to me that, the period of your anger unleashed is between 15-25 years old, if you can go further than that; it mean, you are a very good fan. He smiles. Nowadays, I felt myself are becoming ageing and ageing. As another good friend of mine says, it is difficult to be an adult. It’s so damn much truth in that ugly statement. As much truth that my respective mentor-teacher also have said to me before I ended the school, after SPM examination, welcome to the society, it is not much sweet or sour as you seen on TV. Good point. But, I asked to myself, is it I am old enough? No, I am not, I answered back to myself. But this rotten world that put me into such madness. The world is old, I always thought. As much as madness that the young me suffered after a broken hearted by my first special girlfriend (it is a mere self-proclaim only, because she actually never thought that I was her boyfriend, poor me, or she is my imaginary friend or what? I dunno, sick, sick sick me!) Love is nearly madness, Dr Jung - - - was a cutting dialogue from the film titled “the Soul keeper”, I always admired how Dr. Sabina Spielrein has a strong heart to cure from her illness and madness. Oh, in this silk screen, she once felt in love with Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, a protégée and a good friend of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Her love to Mr. Jung is not realized because Mr. Jung at that time is already married. But she still go through her life, accepted her fate, return back to Moscow, married another guy, gave birth, study medicine and psychoanalysis, build a hospital then be killed by Nazi (the leader : Adolf Hitler). But, just before been shot, her book also has been prohibited by U.S.S.R Communist Party, lead by Josef Stalin. Love is what made the world goes round, so thus money, the guns, the beautiful models and gravity. I, during this young period of time (life) have face 2 love stories, and both ended, because the girls can not stand me anymore. First girl last for 3 years and second girl much shorter only last for 3 months. Nice! So, this how it goes, first girl hated me so much because I like to talk about the Revolutionary subject; you know, stuff like Che Guevara, Karl Marx, anti-capitalist, punk, anarchy, etcetera. That is so fucken stoopidity. Oh, its okay then, lesson learned, I will no longer talk about Revolution subject with the girls anymore. Then, second one, she hated me so much because I like to talk about the Conspiracy theories; you know stuff like Freemason, Kennedy, Knight Templar, Illuminati, NWO, and etcetera. That is also so, so fucken stoopidity too! But, it okay, lesson learned again. But you know the real reason why here is that, everybody knows (even the baby) that; rebels sell, shadow government isn’t logic. Man, where is your mind. Stop sleeping; wake up and joint the parade of consumerism (plus hedonism) and imperialism (extra colonialism). This is a real world, not the matrix. So, from this 2 experiences, I have made my own strategies, for my in coming third, coming-soon special girlfriend, I will not talked about non sense anymore and I will told her that I am also not into Rock and Roll, because it was a bad music. Man…I’m good gentleman. Ha-ha. So, here there are, my story, do you believe it? No, don’t believe, there is no truth in it; I always fabricated my story, like you know; for cause of my break up, the real answer was cholesterol not Revolution or Conspiracy (or the real truth is, I actually never ever had a special girlfriend at all!).Anyway, sorry for a bad Grammar and bad English, whether you are American or British oriented, it still messed up, and sorry for storyline that always go off at a tangent. I always liked that. Have a no bad haired day is enough.
P/s - - - : Sufism any girl? Rumi, Bayazid, Junayd, al-Hallaj, are this topic okay?

So, do you like fat man with no money? I had a friend; my friend is a good looking guy. He has so many fans and admirers, both female and male, yes, male included. One of his fans is you. But, my friend did not much bother about you, and did not often reply your SMS because he actually liked one of your closest friends. Long saga summarized, you is perfectly just like a big stone cold in the middle of the tiny little road. The eyesore only, so, do you like fat man with no money? One day, to begin this saga story, I had a class with you. My friend finds out about it, and tells me. In the class I saw you, did not say hello to you, instead perfectly silent. But, when I meet my friend, I told a good compliance about you, hoping that his perspective over you could change a little bit. I told her that you such a nice, pretty, and smart girl. Oh, God have mercy upon me! Only you know what running in my minds? So, do you like fat man with no money? However, my friend SMS back what that I have told him about you to you, somehow it makes you arrogance or something, therefore you did not reply my smile in front of the class and the gas station, isn’t? Merde (shit in French), shit! I heard that you suffered an accident last year, isn’t? God know, you deserve it, beeyotch! (Bitch in American slang) Bastardos! (Bastard in Latino American slang) So, do you like fat man with no money? Fuck you; I don’t ever like you, what reason for that cheap arrogance? I just wanna help you, pity on you, sympathy on you because your SMS did not been replied, so this is how your re treated me? FUCK YOU! Goddamn you Anglo-American-wannabe girl. Fucken whore!!! No thanks to you, Hedonism, Darwinism, C.I.A and pop culture sensation, Go to JomHeboh & credit card dot com!!! So, do you like fat man with no money? MySpace and Facebook, for aged I did not log in, to see another whores and foes. Oh, this fucken YouTube didn’t have a new pornographic yet? Oh shit, I forgot I didn’t have YM account too…
So thus life goes by, my friend who has handsome - good looking had a huge fucken ugly attitude, you are such a pimp daddy, drug pusher, fuckin wanker. Is this you called friendships? You are same with you fucken bitch, arrogance as fuck, shithead as hell. No manners shithole, wasted brain, lunatic asshole addict, Satanism! Antecristo!
P/s - - - are you following Malaysian political scenario? I say, Khairy and Anwar is a same coin but different part. It is because the conspiracy theories believe that, whoever win, WE win. Then, who is WE in this matter? Is up to you to find out, Revolutionary jacket…conspiracy theories always lies. They are always having much jealousy towards Mr. Rothschild and Mr. Rockefeller. One is in the United Kingdom (recruited); another is in the United States (red carpeted). Like they said, mere speculation is not valid evidence, ah-ha!

Today is Sunday. Yesterday is Saturday. Tomorrow is Monday. No page 3 girl or playboy centerfold on my lap, but a newspaper for today. 3GP pornographic still active, is not an issue at all, we had technology, we had freedom of expression, we have artistic minded, we are organic nuts, we have our tiny little pink brain, why we should uses our brain? Pink sucks in some way, anyway. George Walker Bush blessing Israel yesterday, Hail America!!! Palestine Zero, USA Seventy Seven. It was shoes that really matter, an ability to fit into another person shoes, empathy. What had happen in this world they say, are…a bunch of people who wanted to do a good things, but in the end, history write it all. George Walker Bush Junior, believe by helping Israel, he done a good thing, so thus, Josef Stalin during USSR regime towards his countrymen. Tyranny seems a good way; we called it a tyranny, but he thought it was good methods, perhaps as a good lesson to his fellow citizen. So, thus Malaysia and our neighbour Singapore? Tun Mahathir said, It will threatened the citizen, but that is not how our leader thought, but who hold the truth? We talk about politics, we talk about business. We have our brain, don’t use it, but waste it. Easy escapism, one man’s hell is another man’s heaven.


kinto said...

YOu should feel free to talk about wtv u want with your is good to gain prolonged understanding before marriage.It is essential so that after marriage, the couples didnt have any arguments about their differences. Any arguments on this matter shud, therefore be before marriage. If she cant take it, meaning that she's not the one for you. Maybe you should talk about feminism if thats ok with her.heh!!
and i think u shud learn anothor word in French instead of merde..Je'taime!! ahah..damn funny reading this (street literature experiment)..

AL said...

aaa... sufism... ppl who take advantage on others who has not been outside d world. i'd b glad to listen to stuff like dat.

n yes, kinto's rite. u shud b able to talk to anyone who even wants to b in ur company. if they walk, they're not worth it.

aaa... je'taime. someone's been payin attention in class. ;p

btw, about d bitch n d bastard, well, they compliment e'other dun u think? hee..

Gideon said...

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